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What better way to thank both clientele and partners alike than by offering a unique and personalized gift they’ll enjoy till the very last drop.

Made from directly & responsibly-sourced superior quality coffee beans that are freshly roasted on-demand when you order, enjoy the option of fully customizing this gift.

You can choose from up to 6 coffee profiles, select the desired format and grind, as well as import your very own company logo.  Add your own finishing touch by selecting your preferred design pattern(s), color(s), message(s) and font(s).


STEP 1. Choose a format (with front label only or with front and back label)
STEP 2. Upload your company logo/image
STEP 3. Personalize your design patterns, colors, messages and fonts.
STEP 4. Select a quantity and finalize your order.



Each of the following coffee profiles consist of Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans which are freshly roasted on demand in our Montreal-based roasting house.

For Filter/Drip coffee :
- Smooth : A creamy cup heightened by delicate notes of vanilla and caramelized sugar.
Rich : A remarkably rich and silky tasting cup pleasantly free of bitterness. *Suggested
- Intense : A complex blend of woodsy and spicy notes.

For Espresso :
- Smooth & Creamy : A rich and creamy blend with natural notes of hazelnut and caramel.
- Rich & Spicy : Rich and bold with beautiful notes of nut and spices.
- Heavy & Dense : Strong and indomitable, dense and full-bodied, with lusciously thick crema and high caffeine content.



We highly suggest you upload your logo in a square-shaped PNG format as PNGs have the option to be transparent allowing your background design to stay visible.
PNG also has the added advantage of maintaining image quality when resized.

The maximum space available for your logo is 2.5 x 2.5 inches (750 x 750 px) for the 250g bag, 3 x 3 inches (900 x 900 px) for the 500g bag and 3.5 x 3.5 inches (1050 x 1050 px) for the 1Kg bag. If you would like your logo to appear smaller within the allotted space, please add blank space around it.

Need help with your logo?
Contact us before finalizing your order at 514 381 2571, 1 800 268 3772 Ext. 258 or by email . Our Graphic Designer will instruct you on how to proceed and can also assist in making the necessary modifications for you.

Worried about losing your design if we dont get in touch immediately?
Rest assured that our website automatically stores memory of your design even if you close your browser. As long as you use the same platform, you'll be able to go back to your last created design.

Will the color look the same from screen to print?
Digital screens emit light and are often calibrated differently from one to the next, making colors on your monitor and phone appear slightly different. Printers use dyes and pigments that don't produce light but, absorb it. This is why printed colors may appear slightly less saturated than what is seen on screen.



1. Bag Format & Labels
2. Coffee Profile & Grind
3. Design & Colors
4. Personalized Title(s) & Message(s)
5. Company logo / image



250 gr : Makes approx. 30 cups
500 gr : Makes approx. 60 cups
1 kg : Makes approx. 125 cups



To ensure the highest quality possible, orders are freshly produced On-Demand.
Once you approve your design, production can take anywhere fom 2 to 7 business days.



Local : 1 day
Regional: Up to 3 days
National: Up to 7 days
Orders ship within Canada only **