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Pour-Over Coffee Maker 1-2 Cup - Terra

Pour-Over Coffee Maker 1-2 Cup - Terra

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Our TERRA Pour-Over Filter Coffee Maker is ecological and economical! No paper filters needed thanks to its permanent stainless steel filter with laser perforation. Coffee at its best!

1. Coffee grind suggested grind: Medium

* Grind coarser for a lighter taste.

* Grind finer for a strong, slightly bitter taste.

2. Dosage per cup : One tablespoon of ground coffee per 175 ml of hot water.

3. Pre-brew : Pour a small amount of water on the coffee grounds and wait 15 seconds so that the coffee flowers (small gas bubbles form) releasing the flavors trapped in the coffee. Ideal water temperature: 93-95 ºC.

4. Infusion : Slowly pour the rest of the hot water over the coffee. As the water level drops, continue to pour the water over coffee that remains stuck to the sides of the filter.

5. Dispose of coffee grounds : Throw away the coffee grounds in your compost bin or use as fertilizer.

6. Take the time to enjoy : Pour the freshly brewed coffee into your cup and savour each sip.


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