Meet the Terra Team: Passionate People Behind Our Products

Welcome to Terra, a close-knit and passionate team at the heart of our family-owned Montréal business. We are united by our humanitarian mission and dedicated to bringing you sustainable, eco-friendly coffee and tea products. Join us on a journey to discover how each team member contributes to our vision of a community-focused and sustainable future.

Carlo Granito

President & Founder – The Visionary Behind Terra Coffee & Tea

Carlo, a passionate humanitarian and entrepreneur, planted the seeds of Terra Coffee & Tea in Montreal in 1978 at the young age of 23. Driven by the values instilled by his father, Carlo's commitment to honesty, integrity, and a deep love for quality coffee and tea shines through every aspect of our business.

"I simply wanted to build a business with integrity, without trying to crush my competition, and to make the coffee growers we work with and my employees happy. Success sometimes takes longer when you do things that way, but honesty eventually leads to success."

Julie Granito

Co-President & Co-Founder – The Ethical Force

Julie Granito, alongside Carlo, has been the bedrock of Terra since its inception in 1978. Her strong moral compass and ethical approach permeate our entire operation. An accomplished painter, Julie's artistic flair beautifully intertwines with our Terra Coffee & Ariel Tea brands, enriching our product design and customer experience.

Aimée Granito

The Heart of Sales, Customer Service, and Management

Growing up in the aromatic world of coffee and tea, Aimée has journeyed from South America to Asia, absorbing the nuances of coffee and tea cultivation, and to Europe for mastering the art of Italian espresso.

Now, she spearheads product conception, sales, customer service, and the oversight of our digital presence and retail shop in Montreal.

John August Roveto

Master Roaster, Barista Instructor & Supervisor – The Coffee Maestro

John's nearly two decade-long expertise in cupping and roasting coffee from across the globe is what makes him an exceptional Master Roaster.

His enthusiasm for crafting the perfect brew is contagious, and as a skilled professional Barista & trainer, he elevates the coffee experience for our business partners and customers alike.

Edmond Elizabeth

Production Manager & Chief Technician – A Pillar of Terra

Hailing from the Seychelles Islands, Edmond has been a dedicated member of Terra since 1991, contributing significantly to the development of our green coffee and production facilities. "I also watched the Granito family grow!".

His commitment to teamwork, respect, and excellence echoes the foundational values of Terra.

Chantal Blais

Administration, Finance & Transport – The Organizational Backbone

A Montreal native, Chantal joined Terra in 2006, managing our accounting, financial administration, contact with banks and government and plays an important role in human resources. She serves as the crucial link between our suppliers and Carlo, and oversees international transport logistics.

"I love that we communicate directly with each producer. It really adds something special to our work!". Chantal is proud to be a part of Terra because helping people locally and internationally is a big part of what we do.

Daniel Gallardo

Retail Store Manager – The Face of Terra's Customer Service

Daniel Gallardo, originally from Chile, has been a versatile member of Terra for over 19 years. His roles as a Barista, Customer Service Specialist, and Manager of our retail store reflect his dedication to superior quality and respect for people and our planet.

Marie-Andrée Leclerc

Green Coffee Orders & Local Purchases – The Local Connection

Marie-Andrée, growing up in Montreal's Ahuntsic neighbourhood, has been integral to Terra, initially leading our Wholesale Order Entry Department and now managing Green Coffee orders and Local Purchases.

"The human side of the company, on all levels, is what I like best. As much towards our producers as the employees, Terra is humane."