Our Craft: Sustainable Beans to Precision Roasting

Welcome to our unique world of sustainable coffee sourcing and artisanal roasting. Behind our busy store in Montréal, we have an impressive collection of coffee bags from around the world.

Our journey in coffee begins with directly sourcing our green coffee beans from the lush landscapes of Central America, South America, the rich soils of Africa, and the exotic terrains of Asia. Imagine the extraordinary journey these beans take to reach us!

Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our operations. We collaborate with small groups of environmentally conscious growers who painstakingly nurture these beans. Their dedication ensures each bean captures the essential qualities for an outstanding coffee experience.

Close-up of stacked burlap sacks used for coffee beans storage, showing texture and frayed edges, symbolizing the coffee industry's focus on bean freshness.

Precision Roasting: The Art Behind Every Cup

Delve into the art of coffee at our roasting facility. Our Master Roaster, John, meticulously oversees the transformation of beans into aromatic treasures. This delicate roasting process is akin to fine wine-making. Just as a wine's essence is drawn from its vineyard, our coffee beans reflect their origin's unique soil, altitude, climate, and harvesting techniques.

In John's skilled hands, Terra's unique Torrefazione Artigianale Granito (TAG) roasting method comes to life, capturing the distinct flavours and complexities inherent in each bean's origin.

Torrefazione Artigianale Granito (TAG): A Legacy of Flavour

Over four decades, Terra has perfected the TAG method, a cornerstone of our roasting philosophy. This technique caramelizes the natural sugars in the beans, unveiling flavour profiles unparalleled in depth and richness.

John's expert balance of heat and airflow, guided by intuition and consistency, ensures the roast is halted precisely when the beans' aromas reach their peak. An art form that relies on a harmonious blend of expertise, passion, and precision.

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Aimée Granito and Master Roaster John August Roveto conduct a coffee tasting session at Terra Café, with professional tools and educational artwork in the background.