Wholesale Coffee & Tea in Montreal: Partner with Terra

Discover premium-quality coffee and tea with Terra, Montreal's leading wholesaler. We're eager to connect with partners who share our dedication to excellence, respect for people, and environmental sustainability.

Whether you're a specialty food retailer, an independent café, a tea house, a green coffee roaster, or seeking commercial products, Terra offers an extensive range of coffees, teas, cocoa, hot chocolates, organic sugars, and accessories.

Explore our offerings in the Terra PDF catalogue.

Specialty Food Retailers

Elevate your inventory with our specialty coffees, teas, hot chocolates, organic sugars, and cocoa. Our products come in retail-friendly packaging, complete with vivid imagery and taste descriptions to aid selection and enhance your store's visual appeal. Depending on your requirements, we offer display solutions, POS materials, accessories, and commercial equipment.

Bulk and Zero Waste Retailers 

Embrace sustainability with our fresh, specialty bulk coffees, teas, hot chocolates, organic sugars, and cocoa. We provide large coffee dispensers, bulk tea canisters, and various POS materials, ensuring your zero-waste concept is well-supported.

Hand holding a metallic bowl with premium green tea blend and colorful petals, indicating high-quality artisanal tea.

Coffee Shops and Tea Houses

For cafes and tea houses looking to make a mark, Terra is your ideal partner. We share our expertise as direct trade coffee and tea importers and roasters to help you excel. Choose from our wide range of specialty products available in bulk and retail packs.

Our Baristech Division offers rental programs, professional barista training, and commercial equipment solutions, including maintenance and on-site repairs. Let us help you start with confidence!

Espresso shot being poured into a Terra Café branded takeaway cup by a professional espresso machine, highlighting the café's commitment to coffee quality.

Green Coffee Roasters: Expertise and Variety

Partner with Terra and benefit from over four decades of expertise in green coffee importing and roasting.

We offer:

  • Diverse Selection of Green Coffees: Exclusive Micro-Lots, Pure Origins, and Unique Blends, suitable for filter coffee and espresso.
  • Certifications: Products with Rainforest Alliance, and Ecocert (Organic) certifications.
  • Roasting Support: Comprehensive advice and detailed spec sheets for each coffee variety. (e.g., species, cultivar, process)
  • Flexible Packaging Options: Original burlap bags ranging from 45-70 kg and smaller 15 kg bags, as well as 1-5 kilo formats for rare and exotic varieties.
  • Coffee Support and Analysis Program: Digital analysis of your coffee roast colour with secure data storage for future reference.
  • Comprehensive Accessories: A complete range of coffee accessories to complement your offerings.
  • Commercial Equipment: High-quality Espresso machines, grinders, and more, suited for professional needs.

Additional personalized services:

  • Exclusive micro-lot reservations.
  • Custom blend creation with our master roaster.
  • Professional support and equipment for all your coffee needs.

Embrace the best in green coffee with Terra's comprehensive support and quality products. Join us in bringing the best of Montreal's coffee and tea to your customers. Contact Terra today and start a partnership that benefits your business and your clients.

Close-up of stacked burlap sacks used for coffee beans storage, showing texture and frayed edges, symbolizing the coffee industry's focus on bean freshness.