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Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry

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Flavorful with vinous acidity, this coffee offers medium body and a lingering finish. Our TAG roast enhances its berry aromas. *Description based on TAG roast


√ Good for filter/drip coffee

√ Good for espresso


Delve into the extraordinary world of peaberry coffee beans where nature's uniqueness intertwines with the artistry of coffee cultivation. Unlike the typical flat-sided coffee beans, peaberries emerge as singular, rounded seeds within the coffee cherry. This phenomenon occurs when only one seed develops in the cherry instead of the usual two, resulting in a distinctive shape that sets peaberries apart.

The rarity of peaberry beans adds to their allure, as they account for only a small percentage of the total coffee harvest. Their scarcity fuels their desirability among coffee enthusiasts, who appreciate their exceptional flavor and character. Due to their round shape, peaberries undergo a different roasting process compared to regular coffee beans. This specialized treatment allows their inherent flavors to fully develop, resulting in a cup of coffee that is uniquely smooth, aromatic, and complex.

Peaberry beans are often prized for their concentrated flavors and enhanced sweetness. With a more intense taste profile than their flat-sided counterparts, peaberries are cherished for their vibrant acidity, rich body, and nuanced notes. Their rounded shape also contributes to a more even extraction during brewing, ensuring a consistently satisfying cup of coffee every time.

In addition to their exceptional taste, peaberry beans hold a special place in the hearts of coffee aficionados due to their rarity and the meticulous care required for their cultivation. Each peaberry is hand-selected to ensure premium quality, reflecting the dedication and expertise of the farmers who nurture them.


Species: Arabica

Type: Peaberry

Caffeine content: Approx. 1.48%

Certifications: Aliments du Québec, Kosher Foods


• Filter Coffee 

1 tbsp. or 8g of ground coffee per 8.5 oz of fresh water. 

• Espresso Coffee

1 tbsp. or 8g of ground coffee per 1 oz of fresh water. 


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