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Milk Sanitizing Liquid Detergent - Sanimilk 250 ml

Milk Sanitizing Liquid Detergent - Sanimilk 250 ml

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SKU: AC0718002

Introducing SANIMILK, a liquid detergent meticulously crafted to purify and sanitize milk frothers alongside the entire milk system of your coffee machine.

With each use of a milk frother or steam wand, fatty residues accumulate, fostering the growth of bacteria and the buildup of grime. Regular utilization of SANIMILK ensures thorough cleansing and sanitation of all milk-contacting components in your coffee machine, eliminating any lingering residues or unpleasant odors. Its eco-conscious formula, enriched with readily biodegradable surfactants, effortlessly addresses the challenge of maintaining cleanliness in your coffee apparatus in a safe and hassle-free manner.

Endorsed by NSF International certification, SANIMILK guarantees user safety and non-corrosiveness towards the metallic elements of your machine.


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