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Reusable Travel Cup 12 oz - Terra

Reusable Travel Cup 12 oz - Terra

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SKU: AC0306004


This reusable glass TERRA cup is made of non-porous borosilicate glass, a dark blue ergonomic silicone lid, a yellow anti-splash silicone plug and a 100% ecological cork sleeve.


- Ecological, economical and practical choice

- Borosilicate heat resistant glass

- Ergonomic splash-proof silicone lid

- 100% ecological cork sleeve

- CE / EU, FDA, LFGB, SGS certifications

This glass cup is also dishwasher safe! That being said, we highly suggest you remove the cork sleeve before washing (whether by hand or machine wash) in order to preserve the cork's quality


Splash proof lid instructions

1. Turn the anti-splash silicone plug in a counterclockwise direction to drink.

2. Turn the anti-splash silicone plug in a clockwise direction to plug the opening and make your cup splash-proof!

*Did you know that over a million disposable cups are thrown out every single minute of every day throughout the world?

Here's an interesting article written by National Geographic regarding plastic and how we've depended on it and are now drowning in it.

This is why we encourage you to join the zero waste movement and start contributing to a greener future by converting your own single-use habits to long term solutions. These eco-friendly cups are an easy way to start!

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