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Papua New Guinea AA - Green Coffee

Papua New Guinea AA - Green Coffee

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To this day, coffee farming remains the main source of income for many highland farmers in Papua New Guinea thanks to extremely fertile lands. The vast majority is still produced by small independent farmers in village gardens rather than by large organized companies.

Coffees grow on a continuous mountain chain and are categorized as "Eastern Highlands" or "Western Highlands" crops. This particular lot comes from the Wahgi Valley, located in the Western Highlands Province.

Thirty thousand years ago, the Wahgi Valley had some of the most advanced farming practices and social organizations on earth. Today descendants of those early farmers still rely on technologies developed by their forefathers and use only the highest quality standards to produce this exquisite Grade AA coffee.


Region: Wahgi Valley
Altitude: 1600 meters above sea level
Cultivar: Typica, Catimor & Caturra
Process: Washed
Screen Size: 18


Its floral and sweet aroma is accompanied by notes of caramel. Its body is full yet lighter than most Papua New Guinea coffees.

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