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Nicaragua Peaberry Il Cielo Estate - Certified RFA - Green Coffee

Nicaragua Peaberry Il Cielo Estate - Certified RFA - Green Coffee

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These coffee beans flourish at Hacienda El Cielo Estate, nestled in Peñas Blancas within Nicaragua's central region, situated at an elevation exceeding 1,300 meters. Having thrived for over seven decades, this stunning estate spans 139.4 hectares of coffee trees and 278.9 hectares of pristine forest.
Under Cerna family stewardship since 1990, it also supports 670 local families throughout the year, both during harvest and off-season. These dedicated coffee growers continually enhance their farming methods and infrastructure, ensuring an unparalleled product quality.


Coffee was introduced to Nicaragua in the mid-19th century, initially cultivated along the Pacific coast.
The year 1979 brought a devastating civil war, resulting in nearly 40,000 casualties. Then, in 1998, Hurricane Mitch wreaked havoc, damaging plantations and infrastructure. These events triggered a severe coffee crisis from 1999 to 2003.
During this crisis, plantation owners ceased payments and provisions for workers. Struggling and unemployed, countless families gathered along roads and in public spaces, enduring harsh conditions while demanding sustenance, jobs, healthcare, and land. After three years of annual protests, the rural workers union secured small land plots for over 3,000 coffee farming families. This effort culminated in a historic accord named El Acuerdo de las Tunas, named after the school where it was signed along the Pan American Highway. 


Experience the enchantment of Peaberry coffee beans, an exceptional rarity comprising just 5% of the harvest. Meticulously separated from their counterparts, these beans deliver intensified flavors. Unlike regular coffee beans, Peaberries result from a natural mutation, where the energy of the cherry converges into a single bean, yielding a refined taste symphony.


Nicaraguan Peaberry boasts a pleasurable profile. Its velvety texture and delightful sweetness combine with notes of rich cocoa, dark chocolate, and subtle caramel. Undertones of nuttiness and toasted almonds add complexity, while balanced acidity offers a refreshing touch. Bright citrus-like acidity enhances flavors, leaving a clean, lingering aftertaste.


Region: Central Nicaragua
Altitude: 1300-1480 meters above sea level
Cultivar: H1/H3, Caturra & Marsella
Process: Washed


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