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Nicaragua Maragogype Il Cielo Estate - Certified RFA - Green Coffee

Nicaragua Maragogype Il Cielo Estate - Certified RFA - Green Coffee

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The coffee beans thrive in the serene embrace of Hacienda El Cielo Estate, tucked away in the Peñas Blancas area within the central region of Nicaragua. This location sits at an impressive altitude of over 1,300 meters. Having flourished for more than seventy years, this remarkable estate covers an expanse of 139.4 hectares dedicated to coffee trees, accompanied by an additional 278.9 hectares of untouched forest.

Under the guidance of the Cerna family since 1990, the estate also provides ongoing support to 670 local families throughout the year, spanning both the harvest season and the off-season periods. These committed coffee cultivators consistently refine their agricultural techniques and infrastructure, resulting in an unparalleled level of product quality.


Coffee made its entrance into Nicaragua during the mid-1800s, with its initial cultivation taking root along the shores of the Pacific coast.

The turning point arrived in 1979, marked by a devastating civil war that led to the loss of nearly 40,000 lives. Subsequently, in 1998, the rampage of Hurricane Mitch brought widespread destruction, leaving plantations and infrastructure in ruins. These incidents set in motion a profound coffee crisis that endured from 1999 to 2003.

Throughout this challenging period, plantation proprietors ceased payments and support for their labor force. Amidst the turmoil, numerous families, grappling with unemployment and hardship, congregated by roadsides and public spaces, enduring unfavorable conditions as they appealed for sustenance, employment, medical assistance, and land ownership. Following an unyielding three-year streak of annual demonstrations, the rural labor union succeeded in securing modest parcels of land for over 3,000 families engaged in coffee cultivation. This endeavor reached its pinnacle in a momentous agreement named El Acuerdo de las Tunas, so titled after the school where it was formalized along the course of the Pan American Highway.

What is Magarogype?

Originating in Brazil's picturesque Maragogype in 1870, this remarkable coffee has a rich history. Transplanted to Nicaragua's scenic landscapes in the 1920s, it thrived in Matagalpa's fertile soils. Its distinctive qualities stem from a dominant gene, responsible not only for its notably large fruits but also the spacing between its nodes and expansive leaves. Maragogype is a progenitor of the renowned Pacamara variety and shares connections with Nicaragua's indigenous Maracatura. Its claim to fame lies in its impressive bean size, with screens boasting a captivating 20+ caliber, matched by its lush, grand foliage.

Taste wise

This brew emanates an enchanting sweet fragrance, reminiscent of chocolate. Enjoy its tangy lemon acidity and subtle notes of crisp green apples.


Region: Central Nicaragua
Altitude: 1300-1480 meters above sea level
Cultivar: H1/H3, Caturra & Marsella
Process: Washed


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