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Mountain Water Decaf - Green Coffee

Mountain Water Decaf - Green Coffee

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The Mountain Water decaf process naturally extracts caffeine from the coffee beans. The byproducts are natural and 100% recyclable.

In the Mountain Water Process, green coffee beans are soaked in water from the glaciers of the Pico de Orizaba mountain in Mexico. This water is naturally high in minerals, which helps to extract the caffeine and flavor compounds from the beans. The coffee extract is then passed through activated charcoal filters to remove the caffeine, and the flavor-rich water is reused to decaffeinate another batch of beans. The Mountain Water Process is also chemical-free and aims to preserve the flavor of the coffee.

This process produces high-quality decaffeinated coffee with minimal impact on flavor.

Its main difference with the Swiss Water Decaf process lies in the origin of the water used for the decaffeination process and the companies that developed and patented each method.

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