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Kenya AB Plus - Green Coffee

Kenya AB Plus - Green Coffee

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About Kenyan coffee

Coffee cultivation in Kenya dates back to 1893, when fathers of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit brought the first arabica trees from Ethiopia and planted them just north of Nairobi.

For a while now, Kenya has dedicated a lot of time and energy to better their coffees. As a result, their prices have now reached high levels on the world market. Kenya’s coffees are excellent, particularly appreciated and in high demand.

A Full City roast reveals this coffee's good balance and acidity.

Environmental measures

The estate has also taken a number of steps to limit its envi­ronmental impact. The use of agro-chemicals is kept to a mini­mum and carefully documented; cherries are dried in the sun whenever possible in order to minimize electricity usage; waste water from the washing process is filtered naturally though a se­ries of filter beds; and, the pulp from coffee cherries is compos­ted and recycled as fertilizer. The estate has also implemented a reforestation program and strict soil management practices, such as the use of cover-crops to protect against erosion.


Region: Juja, Thika
Altitude: 1500-2100 meters above sea level
Cultivar: SL28, SL34
Process: Washed
Screen Size: 15-16

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