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Hot Chocolate - Discovery (Pack of 5)

Hot Chocolate - Discovery (Pack of 5)

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This assortment of superior quality artisan hot chocolates was lovingly put together for anyone seeking to discover wildly unique and delicious new Hot Chocolate flavours.

Each of these Hot Chocolates are made with 100 % Organic Dutch Cocoa & Organic Golden Cane Sugar. They are also Nut free, Gluten free and 100% vegan with no milk added, allowing you to use your choice of cow's milk or plant based milk.

Let yourself be tempted by these 5 flavours:

CINNAMON BUN Hot Chocolate 250 GR : This hot chocolate swirl of sweet and spicy flavors is reminiscent of the mouth-watering taste of freshly baked cinnamon buns.

BLACK FOREST CAKE Hot Chocolate 250 GR  : Inspired by authentic Black Forest cake, this hot chocolate bursts with flavors of cocoa sponge cake, kirsch, whipped cream and cherries.

MOCHA Hot Chocolate 250 GR *New flavour! :The richness of a pure Dutch cocoa hot chocolate smoothly enhanced with the classic, creamy taste of cappuccino.

RASPBERRY Hot Chocolate 250 GR : Savour the sweetness of chocolate with a burst of raspberry.

ROASTED ALMONDS Hot Chocolate 250 GR : The combination of roasted almonds and rich chocolate will conjure images of being in the Swiss Alps.

Instructions (How to prepare at home):

Measure 2 tbsp (15g) of hot chocolate powder for 1 cup (250ml) of hot milk. Stir and serve.

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