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Bean Me Up Coffee Grinder (Black)

Bean Me Up Coffee Grinder (Black)

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SKU: AC0602005

Manual coffee grinding does not have to be hard work anymore. BEAN ME UP™, the winner of the GOOD DESIGN™ award, promises a new experience in manual coffee grinding.

About its conical burrs

The BEAN ME UP Grinder features 2 interchangeable ceramic conical burrs for FAST and EASY manual grinding. Enjoy a new experience in manual coffee grinding with easily adjustable coarseness– from coarse ground to super fine.

Grind the hardest of beans and achieve the finest evenly ground coffee with ease.

Brewing methods

Whichever brew you are up for, be it filter coffee, french-press coffee, or even a Turkish, BEAN ME UP™ can do them all.


  • easy to operate and to clean
  • ergonomic design
  • 2 ceramic conical burrs for fast and easy grinding
  • filling chamber capacity (coffee beans): 30g / 1oz
  • collecting chamber capacity (ground coffee): 60g / 2oz
  • 3-5 times faster grinding compared to other manual grinders
  • easy to operate – easy to clean
  • continuous adjustable coarseness of grinding – from super fine (turkish) to coarse (cold brew)
  • the highly durable ceramic parts are easy to dismantle – no metal taste
  • uniformity in granular size
  • stainless steel shaft, housing ABS, silicone knobs, handle ZAK chrome plating
  • patented design
  • Finum brand product

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