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Galapagos Enchanted Islands - Green Coffee

Galapagos Enchanted Islands - Green Coffee

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About the plantation

In 1990, the Gonzalez family purchased Hacienda El Cafetal. Captivated by the plantation’s history, the family saw a unique opportunity presented by the micro climates created by the Humboldt Current, the intense equatorial sun and the dramatic climate change that occurs as the altitude increases. Small rivers fed by the ‘El Junco’ (a volcanic crater lake) flow gently down the rocky slopes on the island’s sun drenched southern side. This mineral-rich spring water keeps the rich volcanic soil moist and fertile, bringing great coffee and life to the island.

Today, we are fortunate to enjoy this truly remarkable cup of coffee thanks to the Gonzalez family’s dedication and hard work.


Additional Information

Region: Santa Cruz

Altitude: 180-450 Meters above sea level

Cultivar: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Screen Size : 16 +

Soil: Volcanic

Cup Profile

Due to the unique climatologic conditions on the island, this organically grown coffee is truly special in its aroma, body and cup. A jewel of gourmet coffees, enjoy its exceptional bouquet and fine taste.

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