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Ethiopia Kaffa Anderacha Black Honey Grade 1 - Green Coffee

Ethiopia Kaffa Anderacha Black Honey Grade 1 - Green Coffee

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About this coffee

This coffee hails from the Sheka Forest, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Grown in the shade and bird-friendly surroundings, the estate spans 276 hectares, with 237 dedicated to coffee. To protect the local ecology, 39 hectares remain as forest, 8 for infrastructure, and rivers are buffered. Anderacha Village's coffee has gained global recognition recently. High-altitude adaptation and the discovery of Gesha near Anderacha spurred investment, showcasing exceptional coffees like Gesha Village, Gemadro, and Duyina.

Honey preparation

Honey preparation is what contributes to a coffee’s all-natural sweet taste. This practice consists of depulping and washing the coffee, but carefully leaving it to dry with a layer of mucilage around the beans. This technique preserves the coffee’s natural sugars.

During the honey process, as the coffee is drying, the mucilage on the outside of the beans oxidizes and darkens in color. Beginning a golden yellow color, coffee which is stopped at this point is referred to as yellow honey process coffee. Allowing the coffee to continue fermenting, the mucilage further oxidizes to a red and finally a black color. The more fruit is left on the bean the darker the color as well. It is the length of that drying process with the mucilage which allows the coffees to develop more fruity flavors. 

The darker the honey, the more work is involved. Black honey processed coffees require constant monitoring to avoid over-fermentation and or mold developing. The darker honeys red and black should be more potent – full bodied therefore great in espressos. Yellow processed coffees are more delicate and will give better results in filter extractions.

Additional information

Region: Anderacha
Altitude: 1700-2000 meters above sea level
Cultivar: 74110,74140 
Process: Honey Washed
Screen Size: 14-15
Certification(s): UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance
Year of Establishment: 2011, First Harvest 2015.
Location: The Estate is located at 630KM to South Western Ethiopia in Sheka zone, Anderacha Village, adjacent to Gemadro coffee plantation. The rolling hills and valleys are covered with indigenous forests and are overflowing with crystal clear rivers.
Rainfall : The area is blessed with 1900 mm of annual rainfall distributed over nine to ten months. This eliminates the risk of moisture stress and the land layout insures sufficient drainage.
Temperature : Ranges from 15⁰C (minimum) to 28⁰C (maximum). The area is frost free throughout the year.
Altitude and Soil : The Plantation is located in a high altitude area ranging from 1700m to 2000m. The high altitude in conjunction with the deep red, well drained and clay loam fertile soil, ensures premium high quality coffee and productivity.
Environmental Consciousness Crystal Clear Water: in addition to soil conservation the rivers and streams are kept pollution free.
Recycle and Reuse: the effluents from the washing stations are recycled while the pulp and husks are used as compost and fuel for artificial driers respectively.
Indigenous forests: the forests are kept intact covering the hills and gorges. The coffee trees are also grown under indigenous trees such as Wanza. Albizzia, Acacia and Ficus. This helps to maintain the bio-diversity and to prevent land degradation.

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