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Cube Compak Electric Coffee Tamper

Cube Compak Electric Coffee Tamper

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About the Cube Tamp

Whether you’re a home barista or working in a busy cafe, you have one thing in common, the number of variables that contribute to a great shot of espresso. One of the critical variables in tamping, a seemingly simple action of compacting coffee, can have detrimental effects on your coffee if done incorrectly.

Cube Tamp is Compak’s newest automatic tamping machine. It has been designed using the most innovative technological systems. Manufactured entirely by hand, it follows the most demanding quality requirements. Only quality materials that are suitable for contact with food were used in its manufacturing process.

Cube Tamp departs from its predecessors with its rounded edge rectangular shape and compact size. It is the ideal electronic automatic coffee press for coffee shops that want to guarantee optimal extraction.

Tamping Force

The default tamping force of Cube Tamp is 20 kg. This can easily be adjusted from 10 to 30 kg by simply pressing the buttons on the front panel. You can also change the units from kg to lb through the display screen.

Sensor Distance Adjustment

Cube Tamp includes an induction sensor that automatically detects when a portafilter is inserted. The coffee tamp will then lower and exert the desired pressure.

Consistent and Level Tamping

Cube Tamp has been designed for consistency of pressing in all services. Its anti-adhesive tamping surface prevents residual grinds from transferring to the next tamp. With its user-friendly and functional features, it is the perfect tool for any barista or coffee lovers to have in their quest for the perfect cup.

Features of the Cube Tamp:

Adjustable tamping pressure from 10 to 30 kg ( 22-66 lb.)
Measure unit selection ( Kg/lb.)
Portafilter holder adjustable height to fit all types of portafilter.
Manual cleaning mode
OLED display with touch pad
Enlightened tamping area


Electrical: 100-120 volts, 60 Hertz, 15 amp
Motor output: 65 W
Compactor diameter: 53 - 54 - 58 – 58.3 mm
Height x width x depth: 280 x 165 x 185 mm
Net weight: 6.3 kg

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