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Cuba Turquino Lavado - Green Coffee

Cuba Turquino Lavado - Green Coffee

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The story behind Cuban coffee is one worth telling. Its origins can be traced back to a coffee tree believed to have been planted by a Spanish official during a visit to Cuba in the mid-18th century. It took almost half a century for coffee production to take off. Cubans owe this boom to French settlers who came to Cuba after having fled Haiti during the Haitian revolution. The latter arrived with their baggage of coffee growing experience and knew that the mountainous terrain was ideal for coffee growing.


Rigorous control and the harmonious development of Cuban coffee plantations allow these crops to be treated with great respect. In fact, Cubans attach great importance to maintaining and expanding their method of natural cultivation. Cuban territory being narrow, facilitates the circulation of trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean. Coffee grows under the canopy in very rich humus soil. Cubans are very patriotic and enjoy life to the fullest; they take great pride in their work and their land. The quality of this Cuban coffee reflects this. The plantations are managed by state-owned cooperatives and the use of fertilizers is completely prohibited. The harvest of Cuban coffee is carried out again and again using the most traditional methods that is to say mainly by hand.


Region: Guantanamo
Altitude: 750 meters above sea level
Cultivar: Typica
Process: Washed
Screen Size: 17+

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