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Colombia Supremo Origen SCR.17 - Certified RFA & Organic - Green Coffee

Colombia Supremo Origen SCR.17 - Certified RFA & Organic - Green Coffee

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"COFFEE ORIGEN GRUPO ORGANICO SUR DEL HUILA" comprises small-scale producers located in the South of the Department of Huila, in the municipalities of Isnos, San Agustín, Pitalito and Acevedo, who are dedicated to organic agriculture.

Certified under NOP/USDA, (CE) 834/2007 AND 889/2008, and JAS standards, these growers have practiced organic farming for years, ensuring their crops meet stringent quality standards. The group aims to establish itself in the international market not only for its organic coffee but for its exceptional quality, both in terms of physical attributes and taste.


Region: South of the Deparment of Huila
Altitude: 1450-1900 meters above sea level

Cultivar: Caturra, Colombia, Castilla, Tabi, Bourbon

Process: Washed
Screen Size: 17
Certification(s): Organic


Fragrance: Yellow fruits, caramel, chocolate
Flavor: Chocolate, sweet
Acidity: Citrusy
Body: Smooth
Uniform: Balanced

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