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Coffee Discovery Pack - Kopi Luwak & Jamaica Blue Mountain

Coffee Discovery Pack - Kopi Luwak & Jamaica Blue Mountain

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Crafted from the lush landscapes and fertile soils of these beautiful countries, these extraordinary coffees boast unique flavours that will transport you to another world with every sip. Each of these coffees are freshly roasted on-demand in Montreal.

• Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee │ 125 gr │This coffee is celebrated for its remarkable fragrance, delicate aroma, and sweetness, striking a perfect balance recognized by coffee experts worldwide. Certified by the "Coffee Industry Board," this coffee's name is protected, ensuring authenticity and adherence to quality standards. The Blue Baron Estate, nestled in a tropical ravine between 2,000 and 3,000 feet above sea level, spans 55 hectares and benefits from natural elements like persistent clouds that protect coffee trees from the sun. These conditions contribute to the slow maturation of the beans, enhancing the unique fineness of the coffee.

• Kopi Luwak Coffee │ 125 gr │ Experience the unique allure of 100% authentic Certified Cruelty-Free Kopi Luwak coffee, renowned as one of the world's most expensive. This coffee promises a distinctive aromatic cup with earthy notes. Hailing from the Indonesian archipelago, Kopi Luwak undergoes a labor-intensive production process involving wild civets freely consuming coffee fruits. The beans, harvested after natural rejection, undergo enzymatic changes in the civets' digestive secretions, resulting in a coffee celebrated for its rich aroma and taste without bitterness. Awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in 1995, Kopi Luwak stands as a testament to its exceptional quality and unique production process.

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