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Coffee Discovery Pack - Blends - 3 X 340 GR

Coffee Discovery Pack - Blends - 3 X 340 GR

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If you seek an exceptional collection of superior-quality coffees crafted for "drip" extractions, we have the perfect selection for you! Introducing our carefully curated assortment of house blends, specially chosen to elevate your coffee experience:

• Montreal Blend │ 340 gr: Named after a city celebrated for its creativity and culinary excellence, this blend unites South American, Asian, and Indonesian grands crus, delivering a rich, complex, and well-balanced coffee experience.

• Quebec Blend│ 340 gr: In homage to the city revered as the cradle of French civilization in America, this exceptional blend of grands crus beckons with a rich flavor profile, enticing you with its floral and smoky notes.

• West Coast Blend │ 340 gr: This American West Coast signature coffee has a sharp, smoky aroma with a light body. Dark Roast.

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