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We've created a selection of our delicious single origin coffees roasted to perfection, offering full natural sugars of each bean. This pack is the perfect way to go on a journey of discovery!

• Indonesia Flores Watujaji│ 300gr: On the palate, this coffee is both intense and sweet with subtle fruity notes of plums, blueberries and spices such as pepper and curry. Grown proudly by the farmers of the Coop, in a natural environment without insecticides or pesticides on a rich volcanic soil surrounded by wild vegetation.

• Brazil Planato Estate│ 310 gr: One of the best Brazilian coffees, this one offers a seductive aroma with a rich, velvety body. You can also enjoy its subtle fruity and nutty notes. PPlanalto Estate is a flat oasis in the heart of South Minas Gerais where 350 hectares of native forest and vegetation are strictly protected and 650 acres are set aside for responsible coffee planting and harvesting. 

• Ethiopia Kaffa Forest Native│ 300 gr: This coffee offers naturally fruity and slightly wild notes, in addition to enjoying an excellent body. The indigenous communities of the Bonga region, whose inhabitants are commonly referred to as the "Kaffa people", have used wild coffee for centuries, and the art of brewing is central to their culture.

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