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Coffee Discovery Pack - Single Origins - 3 X 300 GR

Coffee Discovery Pack - Single Origins - 3 X 300 GR

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Delve into the artistry of our meticulously roasted single-origin coffees, a curated selection that unveils the full, natural sugars of each bean. This pack is your perfect gateway to an enticing journey of discovery!

• Indonesia Flores Watujaji │ 300 g : On the palate, indulge in the dual sensation of intensity and sweetness, enhanced by subtle fruity notes of plums, blueberries, and a touch of spices like pepper and curry. Proudly cultivated by the farmers of the Coop, this coffee thrives in a pristine environment, free from insecticides or pesticides, nestled in the fertile embrace of volcanic soil and surrounded by untamed vegetation.

• Cuba Sierra Cristal │ 300 g : Renowned for their full-bodied profiles and low acidity, Cuban coffees embody excellence, much like our exquisite Cuba Sierra Cristal coffee. This blend boasts a rich flavor and delicate sweet aroma, offering a subtle hint of chocolate for an incredibly delightful experience.

• Costa Rica La Joya │ 300 g :  This Costa Rican coffee presents a cup distinguished by an impeccable balance between body and acidity, coupled with delightful sweet and nutty notes.

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