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Coffee Discovery Pack - Espressos - 3 X 340 gr

Coffee Discovery Pack - Espressos - 3 X 340 gr

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Assortment 3 X 340GR

Are you a passionate espresso and/or latte enthusiast? We've curated the perfect kit just for you! Carefully selected from our house blends, this kit is crafted to deliver exceptional espresso experiences. Let's explore what our Espresso Kit has in store for you :

• Espresso Goccia d'Oro │ 340 gr : An exclusive espresso blend, meticulously roasted to achieve a luxuriously rich and velvety coffee experience, devoid of the typical bitterness associated with espresso. Enjoy natural notes of hazelnut and caramel, enhancing its distinctive profile.

• Espresso Virtuoso │ 340 gr : The Virtuoso, a meticulously roasted blend, unfolds as a complex and well-balanced symphony. With a rich and dark crema, it unveils beautiful notes of nuts and spices, ensuring its exquisite flavor lingers boldly in lattes and cappuccinos.

• Espresso Massimo │ 340 gr : A blend consisting of 90% superior Robusta and 10% Arabica beans from South America. Strong and indomitable, dense and full-bodied, its lusciously thick crema and high caffeine content will satisfy all the requirements of amateurs who love intense flavors. Medium Roast.

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