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Calabash Brown - 41556

Calabash Brown - 41556

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Traditionally used to infuse Yerba Mate, this fruit grown on a Calabash tree must be cleaned otherwise the very first Mate infusions will be bitter. To clean it, you must fill it with boiling water and let stand 15 min. Then gently scrape the inner membranes with a spoon under running water (without removing the center root), rinse and let dry.

Preparation : Fill with 2/3 of dry Yerba Mate leaves. Insert the bombilla ( straw), pour cold water to the top of the pile of leaves and wait for the leaves to absorb the water. Complete with hot water (70-80 ° C) . Do not stir and sweeten to taste.

Approx. dimensions (cm): 9 X 9 X 8

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