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Limescale Protection Pad - BTW Bestsave

Limescale Protection Pad - BTW Bestsave

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Limescale build-up in a coffee machine is the number one cause of problems that lead to costly repairs. Preserve any hot drinks machines with integrated water tanks with this limescale protection pad. Place it and leave it in the water tank of your coffee machine and the integrated activated carbon will reduce all unwanted elements in the water.

Less maintenance and the very best quality drinks! 

Method of use:

No installation needed! Simply rinse the pad under tap water for a few seconds after removing it from its packaging and it will be ready to go in the water tank of your coffee machine. Place it directly at the bottom of a full tank and wait 8 to 10 hours for the water to be treated. Change the pad when the maximum number of tank refills have been reached (using the scale on the packaging). The bestsave limescale protection pad should not be left in the tank for more than two months. 

Technical benefits of BWT bestsave at a glance:

  • Ideal throughflow through a special BWT filter fleece
  • Professional BWT ion exchanger technology
  • Integrated active carbon removes unwanted tastes and smells from water
  • Hygiene protection against bacterial growth
  •  All materials used are food-safe

Technical details BTW

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