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Brazil Planalto Pulped Natural - Certified RFA - Green Coffee

Brazil Planalto Pulped Natural - Certified RFA - Green Coffee

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About the plantation

Planalto Estate is a flat oasis in the heart of South Minas Gerais with 2,250 acres of land at elevations of 3,600 to 3,900 ft above sea level.

350 hectares of native forest and vegetation are strictly protected and 650 acres are devoted to planting and harvesting responsible coffee. The varieties currently planted - Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai.

Mechanical harvesting is carried out in two rounds to maximize the percentage of ripe cherries harvested. This system is much more efficient than the standard Brazilian practice of a single round of picking. Up to 50% of the crop is processed by the Pulp Natural process.

Planalto Estate benefits from its very own facilities to transform its coffee cherries into high quality beans for export. Quality is controlled at all stages of production, from planting to harvest, and from processing to shipping. The harvest takes place according to the degree of ripening of the cherries. Processing is monitored throughout by samples taken during key operations such as drying and sorting.

Liquid waste and coffee pulp are recycled, often used as a source of nutrients.

Employees receive a full range of services as well as salaries above the regional average.

Additional information

Country: Brazil

Region: South Minas Gerais

Harvest: May to September

Altitude: 1100 - 1200 meters above sea level

Species: Arabica

Cultivar: Yellow Catuai & Mondo Novo

Screen size: 16+

Certification(s): Rainforest Alliance, Utz Certified

Process: The beans are subjected to the Pulp natural process - a method which consists of removing the skin from the cherries and then letting them dry with their pulpy mucilage. A process which contributes to a fruitier, heavier body.

Caffeine content: Approx. 1.13% to 1.17%

Cup profile

Planalto Especial not only offers the typical characteristics of South Minas Gerais coffees but much more. Full and creamy body, excellent aroma and moderate acidity with subtle notes of nuts and berries.

Suggested method(s) of extraction

√ Good for drip/filter

√ Good for espresso 

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