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Ariel Tea Gift Box - Herbal Teas

Ariel Tea Gift Box - Herbal Teas

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Whether for you or someone special, this ARIEL Tea WELL-BEING Gift Box is sure to please!

Inside you'll find an assortment of our 4 varieties of loose leaf Herbal Teas along side a Stainless Steel Tea Infuser.

Tea Varieties : After-Dinner Herbal Tea (20 g), Serenity Herbal Tea (10 g), Concentration Herbal Tea (25 g) & Breathe Herbal Tea (20 g)

Dimensions 7 cm x 19 cm x 22 cm

After-Dinner Herbal Tea
Ingredients: Peppermint leaves • Chamomile flowers • Aniseed, fennel • Caraway seed • Valerian root • Mallow flowers blue • Marigold petals.

Serenity Herbal Tea
Ingredients: Chamomile • Rose petals • Licorice root • Blue cornflower • Jasmine buds • Vanilla bits • Natural flavours.

Concentration Herbal Tea
Ingredients: Yerba Mate • Chai Spices • Vanilla bits • Stevia leaves • Natural flavors.

Breathe Herbal Tea
Ingredients: Ribwort plantain • Liquorice • Fennel • Thyme • Mallow leaves • Marshmallow leaves • Mallow flowers • Cowslip.

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