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Africa Burundi FWS - Green Coffee

Africa Burundi FWS - Green Coffee

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This is a unique and refined African coffee grown in the rich highlands of Burundi. A landlocked country, but some of the benefits are rich soil, pleasant climate and fresh water. All of these elements are essential to growing fantastic coffees. The Burundi FWS is harvested by the Murimirwa cooperative, which consists of 228 farmers, including 26 women who are proud of their daily work.

Most farmers own less than one hectare of land and come together in cooperatives to ensure a fair and equitable wage, because the community is extremely important and
is the basis of the spirit of the Burundian people. Coffee is sorted by hand, machine-depulped, double washed and doubly fermented. Subsequently, it is dried in the sun on raised beds for 14-21 days.



Region: Gitega, Burundi
Altitude: 1500-1800 meters above sea level
Cultivar: Bourbon, Jackson, Mbirizi
Process: Washed
Screen Size: 17-18


Wine-like body cup, nuanced acidity and notes grapefruit.


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