We seek partners who are passionate about offering premium quality products, who take immense pride in what they do and who value the profound importance of human respect & sustainability. Whether you are a Specialty Food Retailer, Independent Café, Tea House, Green Coffee Roaster or are simply seeking our products and services for commercial purposes, you can benefit from our many products and services.

To consult the TERRA pdf catalogue to answer all your needs in coffee, tea, cocoa, hot chocolate, sugar and accessory.


Enhance your offer with our unique selection of freshly produced specialty Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolates, Organic Sugars and Cocoa, available in handy Retail Packaging with clear images and taste appeal to ease selection and maximize store merchandising. Depending on your needs, we can also provide various Display Concepts, POS Materials, Accessories and Commercial Equipment. 



Is your concept all about zero waste? We have everything you'll need from our selection of freshly produced specialty bulk Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolates, Organic Sugars and Cocoa. Also made available are large coffee dispensers & bulk tea canisters with available POS Materials, Accessories and Commercial Equipment. 



As an independent Café or Tea House, standing out is crucial to your success. We'll make sure to share our years of experience as Direct Trade Coffee & Tea Importers & Roasters, giving you all of the knowledge you need to succeed. Choose from our exclusive selection of freshly produced specialty Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolates, Organic Sugars and Cocoa, available in Bulk and Retail packaging. We can also work with you to create your very own Custom Coffee & Tea Blends.

Rental Programs, Professional Barista Training and Commercial Equipment with Preventative Maintenance & On-Site Repairs are offered by our Baristech Division making it possible for you to start-up with ease of mind. Accessories, POS material & various display concepts are also available. 



When partnering with us, we share our four decades of experience in green coffee importing and roasting as well as the close relationships we've established with more than thirty growers from around the world.

You also gain access to:

• Complete range of specialised green coffees with varied taste profiles; Exclusive micro-lots, Pure Origins and Unique Blends dedicated to filter coffee and / or espresso
• Utz, Rainforest Alliance & Ecocert (Organic) certifications
• Roasting advice and detailed spec sheets for each coffee; species, cultivar, process, etc.
• Original burlap bags from 45 to 70 kilos and/or 15 kg bags
• 1 to 5 kilo formats (rare and exotic varieties)
• Coffee Support and Analysis Program offered on request, where we perform a digital analysis of your roast colors and confidentially store the data in our system for future reference should you ever require our roasting services due to emergency, vacation leave, injury and / or mishap
• Complete range of coffee accessories
• Commercial coffee equipment (Espresso machines, Grinders, etc.)
We also offer the following personalised services:
• Possibility of private micro-lot
• Coffee reservation for a predetermined period
• Creation of your own distinctive blends with the assistance of our master roaster