TERRA Rewards

What are TERRA Reward Points?

Earn Terra Points with every order placed on our site! The more you order, the more you earn!

20 TERRA Point = 1.00$ of online credit


How can I earn Points ? 

First, create your account and sign in! Here are all of the easy ways you can earn points:

 Create an account : Earn 60 TERRA POINTS for creating your account
 Place an order Earn 1 TERRA POINT for every dollar spent (excluding tax and shipping). Points are transferred to your account upon completion of your order. For example: Order 100.00$ and earn 100 Terra Points.
 Birthday : Earn 100 TERRA POINTS on your birthday! 
 « Like » us on Facebook : Earn 60 TERRA POINTS for Liking us on Facebook.


Get 5.00$ OFF by referring us to a friend

Offer a reward to your friends and receive your one in return when they place a first order on our site!
 They receive a 5.00 $ rebate
 You receive a 5.00 $ rebate


How do I redeem them?

To redeem your points, select "TERRA REWARDS" in the left hand menu. Then click on "Comment échanger des points" and "ÉCHANGER".


How can I view my Points balance?

Log into your Account and select "TERRA REWARDS" in the left hand menu to view your Points balance


What is the exchange rate?

20 Terra Point = 1.00 $ of online credit