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100% Organic Cocoa Powder 150g

100% Organic Cocoa Powder 150g

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Our 100% Dutch cocoa is ideal for your favorite recipes! It dissolves easily and gives you a rich pure taste. This is the must-have ingredient for all chocolate-loving pastry chefs: Cocoa powder!!!

In addition to being certified organic by Ecocert Canada, it is :

- Gluten free

- Nut free

- Dairy free

- Vegan

Difference between TERRA Dutch Cocoa and Natural Cocoa

Our "Dutch" (alkaline) cocoa powder indicates that the cocoa has been alkalized. This means that its natural acidity has been neutralized and that the final product is stable.

In that way, our cocoa is not acidic, less bitter and offers a consistent taste.

For more information, read our article Dutch Process Cocoa vs Natural Cocoa

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