Our Team


President & Founder

A passionate humanitarian and entrepreneur, Carlo founded Terra Coffee & Tea in 1978 at the age of 23. Inspired by his father who conveyed the values of hard work and love of quality products, he always wanted to conduct his business with honesty. “I simply wanted to build a business with integrity, without trying to crush my competition, and to make the coffee growers we work with and my employees happy. Success sometimes takes longer when you do things that way, but honesty eventually leads to success."


Co-President & Co-Founder

It is with Julie’s support and encouragement that Terra Coffee & Tea came to life in 1978. Her strong moral and ethical values can be felt throughout everything we do here at Terra. Julie is an accomplished painter who has contributed to several of the company's artistic projects, both for our Terra Coffee & Ariel Tea brands as well as for certain wholesale customers.


Sales, Customer Service, Management

Immersed in the coffee and tea world since early childhood, Aimée has traveled to South America and Asia to deepen her knowledge of coffee and tea cultivation, as well as to Europe to study the art of authentic Italian espresso. Today, she works on product conception, sales, customer service as well as oversees all aspects of the website and retail shop. Offering products and services of the highest standard all the while ensuring honest and fair exchanges with suppliers and business partners alike are the very reason she loves her work.


Master Roaster, Barista instructor & Quality Supervisor

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting John knows just how passionate he is about his craft. With over a decade of experience in cupping and roasting coffees from all around the world, his wild curiosity and thirst for creating and developing are precisely what make him a great Master Roaster. As an equally talented Barista, John trains professional business partners looking to expand their espresso knowledge and offer superior quality beverages. He also supervises the quality of all products.


Production Manager & Chief Technician

Originally from the Seychelles Islands, Edmond has stood out for his dedication to the company since 1991. He helped build the green coffee and production warehouse and witnessed the purchase of the neighbouring building which became the retail shop we know today. "I also watched the Granito family grow!". The importance placed on teamwork, hard work, respect and doing things right are the basis of his connection with the founder of the company.


Administration, Finance & Transport

Originally from Montreal, Chantal has been part of the team since 2006. She handles accounting, financial administration, contact with banks and government as well as plays an important role in human resources. She often acts as a bridge between suppliers and Carlo and oversees international transport. “I love that we communicate directly with each producer. It really adds something special to our work!”. Chantal is proud to be a part of Terra because helping people both locally and internationally is a big part of what we do.


Retail Store Manager

Barista, Customer service specialist and Manager of our retail store are some of the many hats Daniel wears within the company. He also oversees the assembly and shipment of all orders placed on our website. Originally from Chile, it has been almost 14 years since he found his place at Terra. Respect for people, for the planet and the desire to do things right as well as offer superior quality products are the many reasons why he feels good here.


Reception & Order Entry

Marie-Andrée grew up in the Ahuntsic neighbourhood of Montreal. Dedicated and loyal to Terra, she has been at the head of our Wholesale Order Entry Department for fifteen years now. She is also in charge of communications between customers and production, manages transport logistics and so much more. “The humane side of the company, on all levels, is what I like best. Terra is ethical, as much towards its producers as to its employees,”


Blending, Flavouring & Director of Retail Packaging

Peter has been responsible for blending and flavouring teas, hot chocolates and coffees for a decade now. In addition, he is responsible for overseeing the retail packaging of our organic cocoa, sugar, hot chocolate and tea products. Born in Quebec to parents of Greek origin, Terra’s family values are what make him feel most at home here.


This amazing team manages the production and shipment of all of our wholesale orders. Within 48 business hours they receive orders, prepare all of the green coffee batches, roast the coffees and then package them in order to ensure absolute freshness with each delivery. They also receive, unload and store green coffee pallets imported from countries around the globe.


Made up of those you’ve likely spoken to by phone or even met in person, this team covers several administrative aspects of the company. From Customer Service to Order Entry, Social Media to Accounts Payable/Receivable, and even to Graphic Design! Known for their multitasking skills, each of these employees work closely together to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.


The dedicated members of this team are in charge of producing and packaging all of our retail products such as coffee, tea, etc. Bagging sugar, blending hot chocolates, flavoring teas and labelling packages are part of their various tasks and responsibilities. In addition, three of the members of this team are part of the Action Main d’œuvre (AMO) program.

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