Our Craft

Directly Sourced Green Beans

Located behind our retail shop are hundreds of carefully stored green coffee bags from around the world. Beans originating from Guatemala, Peru, Nicaragua, Kenya, Brazil, Yemen, Indonesia, etc. One can only imagine the amazing journey they’ve undergone.

Grown and harvested with care by small groups of environmentally conscious growers, these beans have all of the qualities needed to produce great coffee.


Precision Roasting

As you reach the very end of our roasting facility, you'll find our Master Roaster John, carefully studying the coffees as they roast. This delicate stage is comparable to wine making because like wine, coffee draws its richness from the land. Everything from soil, altitude, climate and harvest contribute to a coffee’s unique character, and just as you can destroy excellent grapes, a clumsy roast can easily ruin beautiful beans.

This is why our master roaster is taught to draw the complexities of a coffee’s origin, using Terra's very own TAG (Torrefazione Artigianale Granito) roasting technique. 

 Master Roaster Coffee Beans Terra

Torrefazione Artigianale Granito

Developed over four decades of sourcing, roasting and cupping, TAG reveals flavor profiles like no other and does so, by ensuring complete caramelization of the natural sugars contained in the coffee beans.

Using all of his senses and extreme precision, John balances the heat and air flow that circulate amongst the beans and as soon as the aromas reach their pinnacle, he puts an end to the roasting process. A process which fully relies on expertise, intuition, passion and consistency. A true art.

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Cupping coffees Terra Coffee