Throughout our journey, we've witnessed the many injustices faced by growers. Child labour, low wages, climate change, lack of health care, lack of necessary equipment & training.

Our strong desire to set new standards in the world of responsible coffee and tea prompted us to create the Humaniterra Foundation which allows us to donate a portion of our proceeds to foreign non-profit humanitarian organizations aiming to maintain sustainable development, improve the living conditions of growers, their families and their communities and to protect the environment.

Thanks to the Humaniterra Foundation, we've been able to send medical equipment to Cuba (Dentist chairs, Hospital beds, etc) as well as purchase several UTZ Certifications for growers who couldn't afford to do so. 

Equally aware of the issues that affect our own community, we also join forces with various Canadian organizations such as Maison du Père, Mada, Club des Petits Déjeuners and the Canadian Red Cross to help local children, elderly and homeless. 

Every time you purchase one of our products, you reward yourself with true quality ingredients and also do good for your community and the communities of growers who cultivate these exceptional coffees and teas.