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India Parchment Peaberry Robusta - Green Coffee

India Parchment Peaberry Robusta - Green Coffee

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Experience the exceptional uniqueness of this coffee. Its roundish, hard, and tiny beans carry the designation PB, derived from "peaberry." The term reflects its pea-like shape resulting from the development of a single bean, unlike the typical coffee cherry with two. This distinctive form imparts a well-balanced, intense flavor. 


Sethuraman Estates, located in Magundi, India, boasts a legacy of pioneering specialty robusta production. As the inaugural recipients of the CQI R grade for Robusta, they have led the way. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of production, mirroring the meticulous practices of the finest Arabica estates. The result is consistently stunning Robusta.


Region: Magundi
Altitude: 760 - 1 200 meters above sea level
Cultivar: Robusta
Process: Washed
Screen Size: 14-15
Certification(s): Humaniterra


The India Robusta Parchment Peaberry distinguishes itself through a full, compact profile adorned with chocolate undertones. A truly unique coffee with a specific character, it can be enjoyed on its own or harmoniously blended with Arabica. This Robusta variety yields a robust, lofty, and dense crema.

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