Three reasons to love Robusta coffee

Three reasons to love Robusta coffee

During the World War II era, lower-end Robusta coffees were used to attract the then very price-conscious consumers.
As the economy improved, consumers began seeking better tasting coffees which inspired the now very common sales pitch: “100% Arabica coffee”
Unfortunately, hearing that over and over for the last several decades has left many consumers believing that unless coffee is 100% Arabica, it won’t be any good.

We’re happy to tell you high-end Robusta DOES exist and to share three good reasons why you’ll love it as much as we do.

1. Superior quality Robusta does exist

Superior quality Robusta is a delight to discover. Much like its name, Robusta is robust, highly caffeinated and easy to grow at low altitudes. Its highly productive trees allow for producing generally inexpensive coffees.

With the right combination of varietal genetics and best harvesting conditions and processing methods, Robusta can produce exceptional coffees.

2. Robusta is on a mission to survive

Robusta is allogamic making it much more genetically diverse than Arabica. It uses pollen from other Robusta plant flowers to fertilize itself. Grown at lower altitudes and in warmer climates, Robusta can endure much more, giving farmers a better chance to lead sustainable futures.
Arabica is autogamic, meaning it typically pollinates itself with pollen from the same plant. It’s grown at higher altitudes, is more difficult to cultivate and very sensitive to temperature changes.
Genetic diversity is key for survival seeing as coffee plants are facing more and more unusual weather like frost, floods and drought brought on by climate change. Not to mention diseases and pests as well. For these reasons, steadfast Robusta will likely play a larger role in future coffee consumption.

3. Robusta makes for tasty espresso

Robusta is a key ingredient in many of our specialty espresso blends because it adds a creamier mouthfeel and a longer aftertaste. Less citric than most Arabica beans, Robustas are also fuller bodied and highly concentrated in caffeine helping to create the most deliciously rich and intense espresso blends loaded with thick crema.

Aimée Granito, Sales, Customer Service, and Management

Aimée Granito

Sales, Customer Service, and Management

Growing up in the aromatic world of coffee and tea, Aimée Granito has journeyed from South America to Asia, absorbing the nuances of coffee and tea cultivation, and to Europe for mastering the art of Italian espresso. Now, she spearheads product conception, sales, customer service, and the oversight of our digital presence and retail shop in Montreal.

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