Why choose ARIEL Tea compostable teabags?

Why choose ARIEL Tea compostable teabags?

Love the simplicity of our ARIEL Tea pyramid-shaped teabags but curious to learn what material they are made of? 

You will be happy to know that our ARIEL tea bags are 100% compostable & biodegradable seeing as they are made of PLA material obtained from corn starch. 

This material is the most ecological and natural option currently available on the market!

* Not to be confused with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and nylon pouches.

In addition, our pyramid shaped teabags allow the whole leaves to fully expand during infusion, optimizing the extraction of their flavors and antioxidants.

Consult the complete offering here!

Aimée Granito, Sales, Customer Service, and Management

Aimée Granito

Sales, Customer Service, and Management

Growing up in the aromatic world of coffee and tea, Aimée Granito has journeyed from South America to Asia, absorbing the nuances of coffee and tea cultivation, and to Europe for mastering the art of Italian espresso. Now, she spearheads product conception, sales, customer service, and the oversight of our digital presence and retail shop in Montreal.

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