6 uses for Burlap Coffee Bags

Burlap Coffee Bags

Ever thought of using Burlap coffee bags for your DIY projects? Eco-friendly and food-grade, they can serve so many purposes.

Each with their own unique designs and markings, our authentic Burlap bags were originally designed to store precious green coffee beans travelling from countries from all over the world like Kenya, Peru, Indonesia, Yemen, Costa Rica, etc.

That being said, one can easily find a number of things to do with them afterwards. Here are 6 easy ways to reuse Burlap Coffee Bags :

  1. Turn them into reusable shopping or tote bags
  2. Use them to store dried beans from your garden.
  3. Have various home decor DIY projects in sight? These will work wonders.
  4. Cover up your shrubs with burlap bags in the winter. They’ll be in much greater shape when come spring time.
  5. Use them for mattress stuffing.
  6. Can also help with roof insulation.

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Aimée Granito, Sales, Customer Service, and Management

Aimée Granito

Sales, Customer Service, and Management

Growing up in the aromatic world of coffee and tea, Aimée Granito has journeyed from South America to Asia, absorbing the nuances of coffee and tea cultivation, and to Europe for mastering the art of Italian espresso. Now, she spearheads product conception, sales, customer service, and the oversight of our digital presence and retail shop in Montreal.

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