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About our Custom Photo Coffee Bag

Create the ultimate Valentine's day gift for the coffee lover in your life!

Made in Montreal from directly & responsibly sourced superior quality coffee beans, choose your desired coffee profile and grind, then fully customize the bag design by adding your very own photo, personalized message and choice of frame.

Freshly roasted on demand.

Available Customizations

1. Import your own photo / picture
2. Select the desired photo frame
3. Choose the Coffee Profile & Grind
4. Include a Personalized Message for your recipient


Coffee Profile Choices

Each of the following coffee profiles consist of Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans which are freshly roasted on demand in our Montreal-based roasting house.

For Filter/Drip coffee :
- Smooth : A creamy cup heightened by delicate notes of vanilla and caramelized sugar.
Rich : A remarkably rich and silky tasting cup pleasantly free of bitterness. *Suggested
- Intense : A complex blend of woodsy and spicy notes.

For Espresso :
- Smooth & Creamy : A rich and creamy blend with natural notes of hazelnut and caramel.
- Rich & Spicy : Rich and bold with beautiful notes of nut and spices.
- Heavy & Dense : Strong and indomitable, dense and full-bodied, with lusciously thick crema and high caffeine content.

Available Format

1 kg: Makes approx. 125 cups