Enjoy this classic assortment of hot chocolate flavours you already know and love!

Each made with 100 % Organic Dutch Cocoa & Organic Golden Cane Sugar, they are also Nut free, Gluten free and 100% vegan with no milk added, allowing you to use your choice of cow's milk or plant based milk.

Let yourself be comforted by these 5 classic flavours:

CINNAMON BUN Hot Chocolate 250 GR : This hot chocolate swirl of sweet and spicy flavors is reminiscent of the mouth-watering taste of freshly baked cinnamon buns.

SEA SALT CARAMEL Hot Chocolate 250 GR : Sweet caramel and a touch of gourmet sea salt are combined in this luxurious hot chocolate.

HEAVENLY SUBLIME Hot Chocolate 250 GR :True chocolate lovers will certainly enjoy this classic rich hot chocolate by a roaring fire.

SPICY CHAI Hot Chocolate 250 GR : The exotic spiciness of Chai combined with the sweetness of chocolate; perfect on a cold evening..

VANILLA HAZELNUT Hot Chocolate 250 GR : The perfect blend of the nutty taste of hazelnuts with the subtle flavours of vanilla topped with chocolate.

Instructions (How to prepare at home):

Measure 2 tbsp (15g) of hot chocolate powder for 1 cup (250ml) of hot milk. Stir and serve.