Are you an avid espresso and/or latte drinker? We have THE perfect kit for you!

Specially selected from our house blends, this kit is designed to produce some pretty excellent espressos. Here’s what our Espresso Kit has to offer:

• Espresso Lago Di Como │ 340 gr: Rich and intense with almond, cocoa and vanilla notes. Great for cappuccinos and lattes! Medium Roast. 

• Espresso Quarto│ 340 gr: Consisting of 75% Arabica beans from South and Central America and 25% superior Robusta beans, this blend not only provides hints of vanilla and honey but also, excellent mouth feel. Medium Roast.

• Espresso Massimo │ 340 gr: A blend consisting of 90% superior Robusta and 10% Arabica beans from South America. Strong and indomitable, dense and full-bodied, its lusciously thick crema and high caffeine content will satisfy all the requirements of amateurs who love intense flavors. Medium Roast.