We've created a selection of our delicious single origin coffees roasted to perfection, offering full natural sugars of each bean. This pack is the perfect way to go on a journey of discovery!

• India Monsooned Malabar │ 300g: "Monsooned" coffee means that the green beans are spread out in the open air in open-roofed warehouses during the monsoon season. This is how they replicate the change that coffee beans underwent when goods were transported by sailing ships. The result is a very unique coffee, full-bodied yet rich and remarkably smooth!

• Nicaragua Santa Celia │ 300 gr: Grown in the Yasica Sur, Matagalpa area, Santa Celia beans are picked, washed, sun dried and fermented. This coffee offers notes of nuts and chocolate as well as an excellent aroma and a pronounced finish.

• Tanzania Kilimanjaro │ 300 gr: Our Tanzanian coffee is grown on the famous slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano known as the highest mountain in Africa. Flavorful with a vinous acidity, this coffee offers a medium body and a lingering finish. Our artisanal TAG roast enhances its berry flavors.