Are you an avid espresso and/or latte drinker? We have THE perfect kit for you!

Specially selected from our house blends, this kit is designed to produce some pretty excellent espressos. Here’s what our Espresso Kit has to offer:

• Espresso Gusto │ 340 gr: This espresso blend is reminiscent of the essence of some of the most remarkable European coffees. Medium strong.

• Espresso Milano│ 340 gr: A typical Italian espresso, creamy, rich and intense. This superb coffee is the result of a careful blend of Central and South American coffees. The typical espresso roast gives it an exquisite flavor, good body and delicate acidity.

• Espresso Vigoroso │ 340 gr: A blend of 65% Superior Robusta and 35% Arabicas from South America and Indonesia. A complex and invigorating blend. High in caffeine and majestic, this espresso with complex notes of dark chocolate and oak will be tempered only by the delicacy of its silky, tiger brown crema.