What is Instant Coffee?

Instant Coffees - Terra Coffee

April 18, 2022

The popularity of soluble coffee is largely due to its convenience and speed. Your coffee can be ready to drink in seconds with just two ingredients.
Unlike standard coffee, instant coffee does not require a coffee maker or espresso machine to extract its flavors. Simply mix a spoonful of granulated instant coffee with hot water to enjoy your cup. It dissolves automatically in contact with water, which is why it is called soluble coffee.

Instant coffee also offers the benefit of preserving its freshness longer and can easily be used in your recipes to add a coffee taste to your preparations!

Did you know that there are two distinct manufacturing processes available? Either atomized or freeze-dried.


The difference between atomized & freeze-dried

Instant coffee is actually a dehydrated filter coffee concentrate. Water extraction can be done either by atomization or by freeze-drying.

Spray-Dried/Atomized coffee is in powder form. During its production process, the coffee extract is subjected to high temperatures and pressure, which elevates its concentration and makes it volatile. It is then pumped to the top of a tower where it undergoes pulverization, being exposed to hot air, which makes the product lose its moisture and converts it into powder.

Freeze-dried coffee is dried cold and then broken into granular particles. This technique allows the coffee to retain most of its nutritional and taste properties since the particles are not exposed to high temperatures.


Terra’s Instant Coffees

We created two lines of instant coffees for you to discover.

Our Freeze-Dried Instant Coffees are made with Arabica & Superior quality Robusta coffee beans from Cuba and are Rainforest Alliance and Kosher certified..These are meant for hot infusions but can also be used to make Iced Coffees :

- Espresso Style
- Rich & Smooth

Our Spray-Dried Instant Iced Coffee collection is comprised of 3 delicious and classic flavours designed to be enjoyed ice cold :

Caramel Iced Coffee 

Vanilla Hazelnut Iced Coffee

Raspberry Iced Coffee

Just like our Freeze-Dried options, a portion of all proceeds is used to help people in need, both locally and abroad, through our Humaniterra Foundation.